Things to Do

Biking and Hiking Posted 15 June 2014

The northern Masuria offers over 1000 km of cycle paths. They are special marked routes, on which people can both walk or ride a bike. At your request, we can organize a bicycle trip combined with a “photo safari” or sightseeing interesting places in the nearest surroundings. We recommend for example:

  • a route around Lake Mamry (41km): Ogonki–Harsz-Sztynort Duży – Kietlice – Mamerki – Mamerki – Przystań – Trygort – Węgorzewo – Kolonia Rybacka – Ogonki,
  • a route following the Sapina River (30km): Ogonki – Zielona Góra – Węgorzewo – Kalskie Nowiny – Stręgiel – Stręgielek – Ogonki,
  • Kanał Mazurski (Masuria Channel) tour (52km): Ogonki – Węgorzewo – Brzozowo – Guja – Guja Piaski – Rydzówka – Leśniewo – Mamerki – Przystań – Trygort – Węgorzewo – Ogonki.

Horses Posted 5 May 2014

Your stay at the Stara Kuźnia may be a good occasion to spend some time on horse riding: either it is your hobby, or you want to take up classes.

The surroundings of Ogonki are a wonderful place for horse riding. For our guests we offer horse riding lessons from experienced instructors and horse rides into the countryside. For those of them who cannot ride we offer carriage rides, and in winter we invite everyone to take a sleigh ride through a beautiful scenery of Masurian woods.

In the case of groups, we can extend the above offer to organising bonfires.

“Photo Safari” Posted 5 May 2014

“Photo safari” is a good way to contemplate the diversity of the Masurian nature. It is a wonderful adventure, an occasion to watch nature and practice bloodless hunting. Both kayaks and bicycles give you a possibility of having direct contact with nature, watching rare bird species, beavers and minks.
We recommend taking an impressive trip to Puszcza Borecka (the Forest of Borki) in search of European bisons. We also invite you to an exciting “photo safari” to such reserves as for example Głazowisko Fuledzki Róg, located between Lake Dobskie and Lake Kisajo, created in order to preserve a postglacial landscape.

Głazowisko is cranes’ favourite place during spring and autumn.

Equally interesting is the reserve Perkuny (3 ha, located in the area of Giżycko, Leśnictwo Zielony Dwór), created in order to preserve a raised peat bog with sundews and other protected plants. Some other interesting places are two peat bog reserves situated on the eastern shores of Lake Kisajno and Lake Dargin, and the downy willow reserve of Spytkowo (4 ha), rich in a variety of plant species.

Fishing Posted 5 May 2014

We encourage keen fishermen to try surf fishing, boat fishing and ice fishing. The closeness of many lakes allows for a diverse catch.

The closest lakes are:

  • Święcajty,
  • Stręgiel,
  • Mamry Północne,
  • Dargin,
  • Mamry and two of the lakes it comprises: Dobskie and Kisajno.

Those who are interested can ask for help local guides, who have their own fishing boats and have been fishing for years in these lakes.

It is possible to acquire a fishing permit in this area.

Water sports Posted 5 May 2014

Kayaking trips are a great way to spend time actively and meet the splendid Masurian nature. Depending on a person’s abilities, we organize kayaking trips of different levels of difficulty.
We offer both organised and individual kayaking trips. If you choose an individual trip, you choose the route and date yourself.

We organise kayaking trips on the very beautiful, clean and still wild Sapina River.

It is worth visiting Masuria not only in summer. We recommend taking a one-day or weekend trips, during which you can combine a kayaking trip with a bonfire and a bike trip or “photo safari”.

Ogonki, thanks to its location on a shipping lane, provides favourable conditions for practicing water sports.
We offer our help in organising:

  • yacht charter,
  • motorboat charter,
  • iceboat charter,
  • rental of kayaks, pedaloes, rowing boats and fishing boats with engines and echo sounders, it is possible to aquire a fishing permit.
  • We help in dealing with formalities relating to obtaining a sailing, motorboat or instructor license.

To make your stay at our hotel even more attractive we offer at your request:

  • pleasure boat trips,
  • diving,
  • water skis

Things to do Posted 5 May 2014

We help in organizing for our guests a whole range of activities such as:

  • balloon flights + parachute jumping
  • sightseeing flights
  • ultralight trike flights
  • off-roading
  • dog sledding
  • quad biking
  • boat sailing
  • kayaking trips
  • motorboat
  • water skiing or wakeboarding
  • bike rides
  • paintball
  • shooting range / archery
  • shanty concerts
  • bonfire, barbecue.

Conferences Posted 5 May 2014

For companies, we organise conferences and team building meetings.

  • We will provide you with professional equipment and technical support service.
  • It will be a pleasure for us to help you make a schedule of your team’s stay and organise transport.
  • Our specialists will organise your stay in such a way that it will stay in your mind for a long time.
  • The cook will prepare delicious catering.

In our area Posted 5 May 2014

Masuria is always associated with its forests, the depths of its lakes and its shadowy greenwoods, animal sanctuaries and this dreamy landscape still not touched by civilisation. If you are looking for a place with fresh and clean air, clear water and untainted nature, and where each spot has its own history, this is a perfect place for you.
The Hotel Stara Kuźnia is located in Ogonki, by the banks of Lake Święcajty. The lake forms part of Mamry, a strongly divided lake complex and Poland’s second biggest body of water.

It is a real paradise for sailing, kayaking and scuba diving enthusiasts. Once you home here, you are sure to have a great time: all that thanks to connected lakes of Kisajno, Dargin, Sztynorckie, Dobskie, Łabap, Kirsajty, Świecajty and Mamry, numerous islands, bays and havens.

The diverse landscape and splendid views will satisfy even the biggest cycling enthusiasts.

The Stara Kuźnia is a perfect place for an encounter with nature and history. It is close to Giżycko and Twierdza Boyen, near the infamous Wilczy Szaniec in Gierłoża and the sparkling sanctuary in Święta Lipka.

You will find here extraordinary nature monuments such as a complex of 600 erratic boulders in Dobiański Róg (the biggest one has a circumference of 8 metres!). Enthusiasts of recent history can visit Himmler’s headquarters in Pozezdrze, located just a few kilometres from our hotel, or wonderfully preserved bunkers of the main headquarters of the Supreme High Command of the German Army in Mamerki.

If you prefer older times and castles are your hobbyhorse, the castle in Reszel is just one among many other places you should find especially interesting.
Do you remember Jerzy Kawalerowicz’s film “Pharaoh” and the scene where the troops were crossing the Nile? The isthmus between lakes Kirsajty and Dargin is exactly the place where the scene was shot.

You can get to the Stara Kuźnia on your bike and it is just a few steps from the haven and the palace in Sztynort. There is not enough space to mention all the attractions worth visiting. You had better come here and see them yourself.

We promise – you will not be disappointed!