Contrary to other restaurants, all the dishes at the Restaurant Stara Kuźnia are prepared from natural ingredients.

The cook does not use any food additives, flavour enhancers or any other similar ingredients. Thanks to that, our food is so delicious that our guests are happy to return to our restaurant..
In summer, we also open for you our gardens: one at the front, overlooking the lake, and another one at the back, with a cosy atmosphere.
We invite you to visit us all year round: both for one night and for longer stays with a possibility of spending your spare time actively.
The chef serves regional dishes, including a whole range of fish from our lakes.
Our specialty is “kartacz” (a type of dumpling made from riced potatoes and usually stuffed with minced meat) you will not find anywhere else. We also serve a wide choice of hand-made “pierogi” (a kind of dumplings traditionally stuffed with sauerkraut, ground meet or quark) and exquisite soups, all fresh and cooked on a daily basis.
The Restauracja Stara Kuźnia won a culinary competition “Z Mazurskiej Spiżarni” in the category of Fish Dishes.