“Photo Safari” Posted May 5, 2014


“Photo safari” is a good way to contemplate the diversity of the Masurian nature. It is a wonderful adventure, an occasion to watch nature and practice bloodless hunting. Both kayaks and bicycles give you a possibility of having direct contact with nature, watching rare bird species, beavers and minks.
We recommend taking an impressive trip to Puszcza Borecka (the Forest of Borki) in search of European bisons. We also invite you to an exciting “photo safari” to such reserves as for example Głazowisko Fuledzki Róg, located between Lake Dobskie and Lake Kisajo, created in order to preserve a postglacial landscape.

Głazowisko is cranes’ favourite place during spring and autumn.

Equally interesting is the reserve Perkuny (3 ha, located in the area of Giżycko, Leśnictwo Zielony Dwór), created in order to preserve a raised peat bog with sundews and other protected plants. Some other interesting places are two peat bog reserves situated on the eastern shores of Lake Kisajno and Lake Dargin, and the downy willow reserve of Spytkowo (4 ha), rich in a variety of plant species.